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Site/Sounds Ep. 001: Gold Hill Art Project

Producer, Editor, Sound Engineer: 
Erika Volchan O'Conor

Site/Sounds is Black Cube's podcast, which features behind the scenes stories on our Artist Fellows and their pop up art exhibitions. Episode 1 takes the listers to Gold Hill, a small mining town in Colorado, to learn more about the Gold Hill Art Project and artists' projects.

The Gold Hill Art Project brings together a series of site-specific contemporary art installations situated in cabins and open spaces in the historic mining town of Gold Hill. Three Black Cube Artist Fellows – Molly Berger, Jennifer Ling Datchuk and Eric Stewart – have created new works that respond to the local history and surrounding landscape. Collectively these artworks draw together layers of past and present. They form a walking art tour that offers visitors alternative ways of experiencing this unique place.

See images and learn more about the exhibition at our website: blackcubeart.org/exhibition/gold-hill-art-project

Black Cube is a nonprofit, experimental art museum that operates nomadically. Without the traditional boundaries of a physical building, Black Cube exists primarily through partnering with our artist fellows to commission pop up art experiences.

Music and Sound Effects:

Psakion: freesound.org/people/psakion/sounds/14638/

Plagasul: freesound.org/people/plagasul/sounds/1280/

Ambient Piano Music #5
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on a wooden ship at sea 02.wav
LXX.70: freesound.org/people/LXX.70/sounds/91072/

Axiyee: freesound.org/people/axiyee/sounds/79083/

SHOVEL - Shovel digging into dry dirt (SFX)
MorneDelport: freesound.org/people/MorneDelport/sounds/326407/

Dynamicell: freesound.org/people/Dynamicell/sounds/17548/

braying donkey - âne brayant
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Horse Whinny 1.wav
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Dobroide: freesound.org/people/dobroide/sounds/41180/

Rocks and Pebbles
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Dobroide: freesound.org/people/dobroide/sounds/46294/

iron steam.wav
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Wind Chimes, Teign Gorge near Castle Drogo - Gypsy Soprano + Mezzo - excerpt
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Chasing Clouds
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David290 张沛坚: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:江河水.ogg

Echoing metal pings.flac
Timbre: freesound.org/people/Timbre/sounds/135784/

Rolling Pebbles
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Light switch
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Lord McDonald - Fiddle and Piano